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Participation in the PT EXPO 2012

Date:2020-12-12 Views:568

PT EXPO 2012 was held in Beijing from Sept 18~22,2012. this exhibition positioned in the new generation of information technology industry, focusing on the relevant achievements of the New Generation of Mobile Communication, the Next Generation of Internet, Three Networks Integration, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Integrated Circuits, High-End Software, New Display, High-End Server and Information Services.

The theme of HTMICROWAVE is: China Large-scale High-Quality Network Device Manufacturer and Supplier, we exhibit six series of our products: 1. High Quality Power Divider / Directional Coupler / Hybrid Coupler Series  2. Diplexer / Triplexer Combiner Series 3. RF Dummy Load / Coaxial Attenuator Series 4. RF Connector & Adapter / Cable Assembly Series  5. Antenna Series  6. Wireless ICS Repeater Series. Many experts and leaders visited our booth during exhibition, and expressed their affirmation to our company's achievements.