Fully Modular Design, Full Frontal Operation; Integrated Welding and Wiring, Maximum High-density; can be installed on 19" or 23" rack; Suitable for ribbon box bundle optical cable; snap-on installation FC and SC adapters; the front of the adapter and the splicing unit is 30° to ensure the bending radius of the fiber jumper; it can avoid laser burns to human eyes, easy to operate, and complete protection; both the optical cable and the pigtail have a disk storage space of more than 2m; The front of the module is equipped with a protective cover to ensure that the optical fiber is protected from accidental damage; the continuous module can be taken out of the device for operation, which is simple and convenient.

Product type Specification Capacity
(mm) (core)
Fiber Distribution Cabinet 0.3 50
2600*600*300 360core
2200*600*300 288core
2000*600*300 216core
2600*300*300 216core
2200*300*300 144core
2000*300*300 144core
Traditional cable transfer box 700*520*280(Without base) 96
1035*550308(Including base) 144
1450*760*320(Including base) 288
1460*760*540(Including base) 576
1550*1460*360(Including base) 576
1552*1460*626(Including base) 1152
Network Cabinets 2000*600*1000 /