Cable Assembly


Key Features:

Wide Frequency Band|Low Insertion Loss|Low VSWR|High Power|Low PIM3|N, 7/16 DIN, 4.3-10 connectors are available|IP65 / IP67 Waterproof Standard.

It is widely used for the interconnection and intercommunication between the modules of the antenna feeder subsystems.

Model No. Frequency Range VSWR Connector Type Matching Cable Stock
(GHz) (IN/OUT)
HT.CA-0342-2201 0.8~2.7 1.2 N-M /N-M 7D-FB YES
HT.CA-0342-2204 0.8~2.7 1.2 N-M /N-M 5D-FB YES
HT.CA-0541-4408 0.8~2.7 1.2 L32-FCluster connector 670-141 SXE(RG402) YES
HT.CA-0541-4408 DC~3 1.2 DIN-F 670-141 SXE(RG402) YES